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Anyway stay away from them at any cost. I was arrested for sleeping in my vehicle in a business parking lot and police left by vehicle parked in a no-parking Zone unsecured which was later towed and lost everything. Car impounded driving on suspended without my knowledge. I also have registration and insurance. Parked to rush into the store and got towed. Went to get the car right away. It was less than 3 miles I literally walked 20 mins to get there.

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No credit card, no debit card , they just want cash. No explanation about how they got to the figure.

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You pay outside before you can check you car or the contents but the receipt they make you sign says that you agree that your car was fine and all your stuff was there. Then as soon as you get in some huge fat guy says "go to your car and get out or I'm gonna close this gate Worst people one earth. My husband and I went to a sporting event on the Wayne State Campus. We parked in what was apparently a non-campus location. There were no signs stating that we couldn't park there, so we took advantage of the spot.

Bad on us. The tow company towed the car at pm and when we got back to the lot at 5 pm, we were told the impound lot was closed and we would have to wait until the next day to retrieve the vehicle. They would also not allow us to pay with credit card or check, cash only. I wonder why cash only! Someone's pockets got lined! I am going to go to everyone who will listen and get this company shut down!

Yes, we were apparently in the wrong for parking where we did, but who are they to tell us cash only, no receipt, and no paper records to verify anything! This is a BS company that is scamming folks out of hard earned cash. I recommend everyone in the area be on the look out for these guys! McDonald's parking lot. Like another couple who also parked there, we all went window shopping, and didn't get back before the 2 hour window.

My roommate who is on the car insurance got pulled over and found out her license was still suspended. I couldn't be reached right away though we're unsure if they would have allowed me to come get the car.

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I had to go to the CHP office to get a release form, and was able to pick the car up from the lot the same day. My car was stored for less than 5 hours. I was told she was not in vistors parking. For the past 9 years the location where she was parked has been vistor parking. Well, the apartments have new management and I guess the parking changed with no notice to the residents. There were also other vechiles parked where she was.

A flatbed was used for a compact car when there was a truck there also. Is it even legal for tow companies to charge for proof of insurance? Nearest street parking is. Park and ride is. Mary's towing is a rip off! Mirabella Apartments have terrible parking. San Diego Sheriff department allows 20 minutes for the owner of a recovered stolen vehicle to reclaim the car before it is impounded.

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This is clearly misplaced culpability, and a very disappointing end to an already pretty miserable experience. This towing company picked up my son's car after he slid into a railroad tie fence feet from our house, at PM the Friday before New Year's weekend. The car was loaded onto a flatbed, towed to their facility, and locked up for four days, during which I was unable to contact the company to get my car back. Comments State and local laws typically give specific public agencies the authority to tow a vehicle on public property for matters of public interest, including parking violations or if the driver does not have a valid license or proof of insurance, or has been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Private property owners typically have a legal right to remove unauthorized vehicles from the property, with the vehicle owner responsible for the towing costs. Typical costs:. If the driver was driving without a valid license or while under the influence, the vehicle might not be released for 30 days. Auto insurance may pay recovery costs if the vehicle was involved in a collision or stolen and then recovered.

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In addition, some jurisdictions will waive or discount fees for towing and storage of recovered stolen vehicles. Insurance does not typically cover towing costs for parking violations or other infractions. Local laws may set a maximum allowable towing fee. If a vehicle is missing from a public area and may have been towed, contact the local police department for information.

If the vehicle was towed from private property, the tow company phone number and location should be provided on signs in the parking lot or mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle, depending on local regulations. When making inquiries about a towed vehicle, know the license plate number, year, make and color of the vehicle, and the possible tow date; it can be helpful to know the vehicle's VIN number.

Recovering a towed vehicle typically requires the registered owner or authorized representative to present a valid ID and proof of ownership typically a valid registration form , plus proof that all outstanding tickets, fines, fees and registration have been paid and all other requirements have been satisfied. When a vehicle has been towed, the owner's rights and responsibilities may vary by state, and even by city or county.

Contact local consumer protection agencies [ 7 ] for assistance.

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Additional costs:. Typically, if a towed vehicle is not claimed by its owner within a specific length of time, it may be destroyed or sold at auction. If the money received is not enough to cover all costs related to towing, storage and auction, the last known registered owner is held responsible for the unpaid debt.

CostHelper News. There is an entire industry that caters to die-hard sports fans, providing all the comforts of home in a parking lot setting. Posted September 12 I call it a playful realism about human life expectancy. Either way, as soon as the local Halloween stores open, I'm in there checking out the inventory.

Posted September 4 Parked in front of my house without active registration. Was this post helpful to you? Report prohibited or spam. Rude and unbussness like. Impounded for parking in fire lane. No Cause. My car was towed.

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Nissan pick up. Illegal tow. Car basically stolen off street by police. Con artist. Should be illegal. Towed from apartment complex. Car got towed. Parked in wrong parking spot.

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