Mesa boogie triple rectifier serial number dating

Where is the Serial Number on my Mesa® amp?

This is relevant because it is those early production models C, D, and E that are different from all later Rectifiers, and a little over were made, hence the marginally inaccurate "pre " nickname. As for the tonal qualities of "pre " C, D, E Rectifiers, I think that the Wikipedia article quoted in the first post is unnecessarily mythologizing the issue.

They sound and feel different from pretty much any later Recto, yes, that much is true, but to say that they are categorically better for every player and every application is silly. Like any other amp, they will work for some players, and not so well for some others.

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Yes, they will be much tighter than any later Rectifier, and yes, they will give you a better thrash metal distortion straight out of the box, without any pedals, than any other Mesa amp yes, including Marks - but their clean mode is virtually unusable, they can sound too bright, thin, harsh and brittle unless dialed carefully , and they simply cannot do the massive, bassy 'wall of distortion' tone Rectifiers are famous for. I have a Revision C, serial 1xx, as well as a couple of later Rectos, so you could say I know what I'm talking about For recognizing a "pre " Recto, the serial is a fairly strong clue.

Pretty obviously a Recto with a serial in tens of thousands will not be one. But cardinal is right again: People have got pretty darn good results even without Mark III trannies: LesPaul70 , Mar 4, AdmiralB , Mar 4, I have a Rev C. Never compared to the later revisions but LOVE it.

The clean is indeed sub-par.

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I use a Groove Tubes Trio into the loop return for that. Takes care of that problem!!! Adam Zaiger , Mar 4, It went beyond the first The first couple years were quite different. Actually the rev F and G are quite nice. I had SN something which I think was a rev F and it was quite a bit different from a later 2 ch model that I bought.

I don't remember much about the 98 model, but my 93 had the small logo, attached power cord, chassis mounted power tubes, a smooth rREAL leather none of this fake stuff case, and a crappy sounding clean channel. The lead tones were not buzzy at all like the later Dual recs It was such a killer amp that I kept the thing for 10 years and then regretted selling it after I heard how crappy the newer ones sounded.

Tweedbucket , Mar 4, This one is R Both amps posted on this page are Rev F. You can read the circuit board clearly on the first amp.

It's harder to read on the second amp, but I'm pretty sure Rev F started around or so. R looks like a Rackmount Recto? It seems that I got some details wrong because of my choppy memory. I just checked, and yes, Revision D Recs are known to go into early s theres been a reported Revision D , while Revision E Recs go into early s. So, since C, D and E are sonically closer to each other than to the rest, it seems that we actually should be talking about "pre " Rectifiers rather than "pre ".

By serial number alone, the above two gutshots would be from two different Revision Fs, just like cardinal said. And one of them does indeed look like a Racktifier. But to make sure, you need to check the printed code on the board. That is the only reliable way. The serial number gives you a useful hint but it's only a hint. The other details will not help you reliably tell the different revisions apart; even early Revision Gs have been known to have small logos, blackface panels, and Mark III trannies.

The Revision F is a watershed model between the early "pre " pre models and the iconic Revision G, and not very common. I wouldn't call its clean mode bad, at least not if you compare it to the C. Its gain structure is closer to a G and appreciably looser than a C.

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All amps in the series, except for the Blue Angel had two forms of electrical rectification conversion of power from AC to DC: Silicon diodes and one or more vacuum tube s that the user could select via a switch located on the back panel of the amplifier hence the name "Dual Rectifier". This distinction engendered the misconception that the name Dual Rectifier was derived from this amp; the Solo's popularity only reinforced this misconception.

Future designs would further contradict and confuse the line's namesake. In short order, Randall Smith ceased production of the other Dual Rectifier amps and concentrated on producing different configurations of the Solo, which became the Dual Rectifier. The Express line of guitar amplifiers was released in , and has essentially replaced the F-Series in the Mesa Boogie line up.

Although not directly descended from the F-Series, these two lines do have some features in common, some of which have been expanded upon in the Express line. This amp uses solid-state rectification like the F series.

Dual rectifier serial number question

The Express line introduced Mesa's Duo-Class technology. This technology offers the ability to run the power section of the amplifier in either true class A single-ended mode, or true class AB push-pull mode. This allows the operator to choose between running the amplifier at a reduced power output of 5 watts class A , or full power class AB. When run in 5 watt Class A mode, the power section is operating on only one vacuum tube.

There are two different models offered in the Express line; the 5: They also offer a 1x12 Open Back Combo unit with one V30 Speaker, which offers a bigger sound over the 10" speaker. Both Combo units come with casters included. At first, this was seen as Mesa's foray into the rapidly growing "Lunchbox Amplifier" market, but with the recent introduction of the Royal Atlantic RA, featuring a full-sized head form factor, the line has expanded outside of the aforementioned compact market segment.

This series is now out of production. While the Mark V can appear complicated with many knobs, switches, lights, and sliders, the Electra Dyne was created to be the polar opposite.


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It features six knobs and one switch on the front panel not including the Power and Standby switches , the first Mesa amplifier with this few controls since the Mark 1. The Electra Dyne is a single-channel amplifier with three foot-switchable modes. It employs a Simul-Class output section, which runs a Class A power amplifier and a Class AB power amplifier simultaneously through the same output transformer.

The output can be switched between 90 watts and 45 watts. With four Prodigy 4: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Mesa Boogie Mark Series. List of Mesa Boogie users. Pursuing the Ultimate Guitar Sound. Blues Guitar For Dummies.

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Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 90's Test
mesa boogie triple rectifier serial number dating Mesa boogie triple rectifier serial number dating
mesa boogie triple rectifier serial number dating Mesa boogie triple rectifier serial number dating
mesa boogie triple rectifier serial number dating Mesa boogie triple rectifier serial number dating
mesa boogie triple rectifier serial number dating Mesa boogie triple rectifier serial number dating
mesa boogie triple rectifier serial number dating Mesa boogie triple rectifier serial number dating

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