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Typically, fields storing identifiers such as an ISBN or any number identifying a record from another database are rarely used in range queries or aggregations. This is why they might benefit from being mapped as keyword rather than as integer or long.

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In general, scripts should be avoided. If they are absolutely needed, you should prefer the painless and expressions engines. Queries on date fields that use now are typically not cacheable since the range that is being matched changes all the time. However switching to a rounded date is often acceptable in terms of user experience, and has the benefit of making better use of the query cache.

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And if several users run a query that contains this range in the same minute, the query cache could help speed things up a bit. The longer the interval that is used for rounding, the more the query cache can help, but beware that too aggressive rounding might also hurt user experience. It might be tempting to split ranges into a large cacheable part and smaller not cacheable parts in order to be able to leverage the query cache, as shown below:.

However such practice might make the query run slower in some cases since the overhead introduced by the bool query may defeat the savings from better leveraging the query cache.

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Indices that are read-only may benefit from being merged down to a single segment. This is typically the case with time-based indices: only the index for the current time frame is getting new documents while older indices are read-only. Shards that have been force-merged into a single segment can use simpler and more efficient data structures to perform searches. Do not force-merge indices to which you are still writing, or to which you will write again in the future.

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Instead, rely on the automatic background merge process to perform merges as needed to keep the index running smoothly. If you continue to write to a force-merged index then its performance may become much worse. Global ordinals are a data-structure that is used in order to run terms aggregations on keyword fields.

The new concepts will also be tested in real boilers by the industrial partners of the project. The seminar gathered together about 90 participants for active dissemination of recent results and building new cooperation links between the currently running 18 sub-projects. In addition, selected results were highlighted through short presentation by researchers.

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  • The day confirmed that DEMAPP is actively running and the target-oriented cooperation mode paves the way towards new exciting results. DEMAPP aims to create profound understanding of wear and corrosion mechanisms in applications for process and energy industry and to develop novel production technologies and breakthrough materials with improved performance in extreme conditions.

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    The program participants consist of several companies in the metals and engineering industry, their supplier and customer companies as well was the best research organizations in the field. Key emphasis is put on material and energy efficiency, sustainable life-cycle performance and safety aspects.

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    • More information from Program Management:. Markku Heino, markku. Bridging the gap to economically feasible fuel ethanol from Nordic wood — Spinverse helped three Nordic co A consortium of 31 European electronics packaging, optics and photonics key players, leading equipment suppl Kids walk is 1 mile. It is this mixing up of amoral, uncivilized fearlessness with moral, civilized courage that allows liberal-progressives to turn gross, self-debasing animalistic behavior into a virtue worthy of admiration and, more importantly, promotion.

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