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D fellows to a day of motivation, inspiration and dissemination. The event is in organized in partnership with the University of Copenhagen and Ph. D Association at the Technical University of Denmark. The event is open to PhD students. Follow the event on Facebook and stay tuned https: Terms and conditions Sign up is free for Ph. Please be aware that you will be charged a no show fee of DKK in case your reservation has not been cancelled with a hour advance notice working days. You need to login to cancel your registration. Need help or further information?

Contact Christine Nielsen, csn ida. D employees and strengthen your professional network. The Danes and Danish work culture are not always easy. So prepare yourself for meeting the Danish Labour market.

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Want to be your own boss? Or do you dream to make your own startup? Meet and listen to experiences from someone just like you — who did it. How to talk like TED and Ignite. The Indo-European languages Dr. It is also the best-studied language family in the world: This session gives an overview of the various subgroups which make up the Indo-European family, and presents the latest thinking on their history and development. Proto-Indo-European family structures Dr. Anthropological linguistics 27,4, pp.

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Encyclopedia of Indo-European culture. Computer-simulated models and statistical methods in language reconstruction Jurgen van den Heuvel, MSc. Abstract Linguistic phylogenetics is the study of establishing language trees. This can be done using traditional methods of historical linguistics, but in more recent years also quantitative approaches have gained in popularity.

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The latter uses statiscal data analysis tools that have been used successfully in evolutionary biology. This class will discuss the principal mathematical-statistic models for linguistic phylogenetics. No prior knowledge of mathematical models or statistics is needed. Introduction to substrate method Dr. Principles and methods for historical linguistics. Pre-Indo-European languages and cultures of southern Europe Dr. The only surviving Pre-Indo-European language of Western Europe is Basque, but there are also thousands of ancient inscriptions in various other non-Indo-European languages.

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With the help of these documents from the Minoan palaces of Bronze Age Crete, the Etruscan towns of Iron Age Italy and the Iberian trading ports of the Catalan coast, we can learn more about the languages of these lost civilisations of early Europe. Language and society in the Greek and Roman worlds. The linguistic ecology of the Mediterranean.

Guus Kroonen University of Copenhagen Dr. Rune Iversen University of Copenhagen Abstract Language is an important part of human self-perception and a creator of identity among human groups — also in prehistory. Therefore, language is an important factor when trying to understand cultural change in prehistory. Northern Europe is a region that saw profound cultural changes in the early third millennium B. From around B. E early Corded Ware Single Grave societies appeared on the Jutland Peninsula introducing among other things new burial customs, new pottery shapes, new amber ornaments, and new types of stone battle-axes.

The third millennium B. E was, no doubt, a period of great material and cultural changes and language must not be ignored when considering these. Instead, language must be viewed and treated as a deeply integrated part and facilitator of the transmission of new ideas, cultural processes and subsistence economic and material culture changes. This lecture draws on evidence of change in both material culture and in language that took place in the third millennium B. E and combines these evidences into a unified hypothesis on when and how Indo-European language was introduced into northern Europe and southern Scandinavia.

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After being introduced together with Corded Ware features in central and western Jutland it seems that the implementation of Indo-European happened gradually via long-term cultural transformation processes. However, in order to understand the cultural and linguistic processes that allowed the introduction of an entirely new language family it is important also to consider the long gone predecessor of Indo-European.

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Did this unknown language for instance contribute to the new Indo-European language family that was to form the basis for the vast majority of modern European languages? One further aspect is where we should place the language spoken by the Pitted Ware people and furthermore if it had any impact on the larger language development. Do we still carry relicts with us in modern Germanic that can be traced down to the Proto-Neolithic language spoken by the Funnel Beaker farmers — and perhaps even also elements of a Pitted Ware language?

Literature Haak et al. Perspectives from a conference in Lund, Sweden. Department of Archaeology and Ancient History.

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Uralic languages and cultures; linguistic contacts in northern Europe Dr. Saturday, 30 July 10 AM: Indo-European textiles — technology and terminology Prof.

W, Prehistoric textiles, the development of cloth in the Neolithic and Bronze Ages with special reference to the Aegean. James Alan Johnson Universities of Chicago and Copenhagen Abstract This lecture critically explores many of the major socio-cultural developments of the Eurasian steppe from the late Neolithic Chalcolithic to the end of the Late Bronze Age, spanning nearly years.

Some of the topics covered include: More importantly, this lecture is meant to give a broad review and the necessary background needed to think critically and empirically about the connection between archaeological evidence and its connection to the spread of language. The Horse, the Wheel, and Language:

dating arrangementer københavn Dating arrangementer københavn
dating arrangementer københavn Dating arrangementer københavn
dating arrangementer københavn Dating arrangementer københavn
dating arrangementer københavn Dating arrangementer københavn
dating arrangementer københavn Dating arrangementer københavn
dating arrangementer københavn Dating arrangementer københavn
dating arrangementer københavn Dating arrangementer københavn
dating arrangementer københavn Dating arrangementer københavn

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