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Especially his teaching technique in his seminars made him famous. This is a program for a year where you will be given CDs, written material, newsletter and many more informative things. You will also have interactions with Brad P and other instructors.

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At Love Systems, he discussed about the ways of having bold interactions with the women and also teaches about the perfect timing for the moves. Be more stringent on who you let in to your "coaching program" in any kind. Don't do reviews right after the bootcamp but after a few months. Make expectations very clear right from the off. Make sure there is a fit with the person before anything. Tell me honestly Demo, among the people that you helped out even for free , with how many of them did you sit down and discuss his background in detail for half an hour?

Tried to understand in detail about his lifestyle, what he wants, etc. Most coaches I have seen and heard about from others, just do a standard what are your goals, what have you done so far in a quick 5 minutes. The point I made about instructors in the space of arts. Take the example of dancing. Do you know how these guys go about their lessons? They have an introductory session, meet to see how well can you dance, tell them exactly what they are good at or not, what are their expectations and if students don't meet them, they tell them to find another instructor. I have met a handful of guys who clearly should not be around the pua community, but should be seeking professional help.

And even though I have been straw-maned here into being the typical evil PUA coach, let me clarify again: I am not a pua coach.

But I'm a reasonably good PUA who is thinking of going pro because apparently I have a knack for teaching. The students that I have seen making the biggest breakthroughs have made it in months. The actual coaching did not begin with them until we have hung around for a couple of weeks. In this time span I got to know them personally on what moves and drives them which was important when I needed to seriously piss them off so they could make the next leap , and they had accepted and seen that I know the shit I'm talking about.

This is the only way I would be willing to do this professionally, to have a product which is a 3 month transformation program with a results or your money back guarantee. I think the PUA industry as a whole is still too young. It is too dependent on new customers and is infused with the bullshit of Tim Ferris like "easy money" mentality.

This is why it does not hold up to the standard of how playing guitar or arts are taught. They have demonstrated that picking up women is not the difficult part of the question, and that if the industry wants to take itself seriously it should behave like the present mainstream ones. But raising criticism in itself will not lead to a solution, and the working alternatives have not yet risen I think. Even the people who are distancing themselves from the community seem to be offering the same sort of coaching deals, which makes me raise the question if it is not just another marketing ruse rather than a living up to integrity.

But that's a different subject. But it must also be understood by the students as well. Free information does not mean my time is also infinitely free. Like I previously stated, with the money you put into a 3 day warrior workshop bootcamp, you can better spend your money on something else that is more effective.

Furthermore, I doubt someone like Smirnoff will constantly brag "Oh I am the best in the world at this she has her titles that can do the talking.

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Do NOT do something for three days and only to end up back to square one several months down the road without your coach. Listen,listen listen,I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade but dudes need to stop fucking whining about bootcamp experiences.

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I feel that dudes who take bootcamps and don't have any or much success afterwards should point the finger at themselves. Don't blame the fucking instructors! Just as some students in academia leanr more,catch on faster,while other students just won't learn. Not that the quality of the teacher's content is bad or fraudulent. Kenny, analogies are a notoriously questionable rhetorical means. So, what about this analogy: X promises to teach you how to be 6'3" or taller. Some dude who is 5'4" signs up and then realizes that he's been duped. All the guys who came out of X's seminar being 6'3" or taller had been that tall before.

Blaming the student is just ludicrous. Its the PUAs who have to prove that their stuff actually works! So far no one has done so.

Brad P interview with success student Baron

If you think otherwise, then please show me pictures of ugly, fat guys who have nothing going on in their lives, yet pull supermodel-caliber chicks. Also, had you actually attended university, you would know that there are good and bad teachers, which greatly affects how well the average student does.

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However, your analogy implies that pickup can actually be taught and that your average Joe can indeed learn to pull "10s" ie. This is definitely not the case. And you need to stop acting like some tough guy behind a computer screen.

If you want to bring up the topic about school, at least here in the States, you have to undergo years of school undergrad and grad to become a high school teacher or a professor. I'm pretty sure there are pickup teachers I'm not pointing at anyone in particular in UDS that show up from nowhere and make outrageous promises.

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Not that it will ever happen, but I think PUA will be more beneficial to men if the government had regulations on it ex: Socialkenny, instructors freely chose to take responsability of saying they can help. So yeah, you have to deliver what you pronise, or shut up. Or how about your doctor tells you he can cure you, gives you shit, and then says it was your fault?

That's called voodoo, my friend. But maybe that's the degree of excellence you want for yourself? The best I have seen, here in France, is Baptiste Legrand, webmaster of frenchtouchseduction, telling me that he knows the product he sells are shit, but he needs the money to keep going and blames the people who buy it for not being smart enough to know the products he pitches as miracles are shitty. This whole industry is one giant fucked up mess.

Hi, I really like your blog but I have never participated in debates. But I have to replicated because of this sentence: Anonymous, you are not automatically a loser just because you are unemployed our live with your parents. Post-college un- and underemployment are common phenomena these days. Well, feel free to post some pictures of your "loser" friends and their hot girls, and you'll get your explanation for their success.

They are probably a lot better looking than you think, or the girls not as hot as they claim. I was asked to write a review after attending a one on one with hyper for an astronomical rate of for about 8 hours, which equates to over a hundred and hour. He couldn't wait to leave either. I got laid, but only cause I was on this whole escalate kick and didn't go home when she gave me slight resistance. A couple of months following the review, for which I was promised a compensatory free phone consolidation, I realized that he was full of shit and wished I could revoke my review. But it doesn't even matter now.

I never took his stupid phone consultation because why would I from a short ugly guy who dresses like a wanna be rockstar but is not one and posts about how he got a blowjob from some fat chick outside the bathroom one night but couldn't even go all the way. Brad P is in the top 10 most fraudulent in the business.

I mean common, if they really cared about my success don't you think they would have called me a few months later and asked me how my success was? Since I no longer read that pickup shit anymore.

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I understand you want to be anonymous but perhaps you can vaguely describe how hyper couldn't wait to leave? Maybe he was always looking at his watch? Or perhaps you can vaguely describe why you think he is full of shit which is why you didn't want to follow up on the consult and why you want to revoke your review? Just to remind everyone I can't access any bradp coach blogs since I blocked them, but if I recall correctly, I think there was one review where hyper just kept plowing through a cold set just to get a number which probably flaked.

I have tried plowing through sets before, and it doesn't work with girls who just aren't into you. I'm pretty sure it was Aaron or it might have been one of my natural friends who said that if a girl doesnt like you it doesnt matter what you say or do, she isnt going to like you. At best she will give you a fake number so you and the girl can save face. It will only work on a chick who likes you and is giving you some resistance, but not in hyper's case.

Brad P. Presents: The Underground Dating Seminar CDs

Just goes to show you not all the "pros" know what they're doing. Well he mentioned that are time was drawing to a close around 2 or 3, which is before the bars close in NYC. As I was talking to the girl I was going to go home with he was nowhere to be seen. We went outside for a cigarette and then he was watching me creepily from across the street and sending me text message advice such as "less touching dude, amplify the sexual tension" and "pull, pull!

Does it have different content to other products? Is customer service very responsive? Was purchasing and using the product a smooth process? No rating 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Value for Money Is the product worth the price paid for it?

underground dating seminar brad p Underground dating seminar brad p
underground dating seminar brad p Underground dating seminar brad p
underground dating seminar brad p Underground dating seminar brad p
underground dating seminar brad p Underground dating seminar brad p
underground dating seminar brad p Underground dating seminar brad p

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