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How are you today then? Actually those represent for certain traits in chicks, not much of foods I'm feeding her just a little bit 5: I would like to point out my scientifical reasoning behind it 5: Do explain your hypothesis though 5: I'm all ears 5: I'm on a beach, so it's massive BUT, it's secluded and there is a lighthouse I'm staying at.

I would walk and sit, and look at the marine life, pick at the grasses and flowers and dig in the sand, make sand angels 6: Watch the sun rise, count the stars, dammit I love beaches Okay her sex drive is huge, but she prefer romantic setting with lot of foreplay. If you're wondering, body of water represents for SEX also 6: Fanfuckintastic She loves sex and doesn't have the typical buyer remorse!

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Or the dream I had last night? Nah I got all I need to know 6: But guess what you're fun and quite creative! Do you wanna come home with me? No scantrons, how disappointing 6: To the point my man! Not quite yet, but maybe one day Shit test! I ignored it 6: Or we can sneak into Seaworld and steal couple dolphins Note how I act indifferent, not too eager, took a step back and took back the lead by ignoring her plan and suggested MINE instead.

I'm so bloody down for that you don't even know 6: I have the perfect purse to hide them in 6: I always want to do that 6: First, we must ride the roller coasters I could have gone into the whole rollercoaster kokology but I found out enough, I rather not overfeed her and lose the interest 6: I am unfamiliarz 6: I do this on roller coasters when we are edging to the top 6: I imagine you do 6: Perfect, I like girls who isnt afraid of being themselves 6: I will tell you this though 6: You're part vampire anyways so 6: I'll be in town this weekend to visit my family 6: Or you want I should come up with one?

I will bring tiny printed maps of the place 6: I think that info is public record 6: Done and done 6: Whats your real name then? Or, we working under secret codes See how her level of interest is peaking 6: I like that 6: No nude pic naughty bunny! I'll be at crossfit training , it's too public for that It's always a good idea to steal her thunder and tease her before she get a chance to pull that on you 6: I'll just delete that boob shot then 6: I'm going to forage for food Her response are getting longer and quicker for the last 3 min, that's my CUE!

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I gotta run, text me so we can go over our dolphins name 6: She texted me her picture 5 minutes after this. Wed Jan 18, 7: We'll see how this works for guys less attractive lol.. But lots of good information.. I've never heard of it, but hearing that it breaks down the details of her sex life, I'd like to learn it and give it a try So could you explain it in detail, or direct me to a site which breaks it down and provides examples?

Wed Jan 18, I like some of your points Giving your phone number. But the apocalypse part is unnecessary, most hot or i would say glamour girls are the types you find online. They think of the convo as a power struggle maybe not consciously and want you to give them all your cards showing your interest because they believe it shows weakness in a guy for some fucked up reason.

I say this mostly for developed countries. In my opinion the only girls that this would work on are the ones that have joined online to get DTF as soon as possible. They have small hints in their 'aboutme' that all they want is sex and really your going to get there one way or another. After contacting a girl she will most of the time be curious enough to read your profile. If your 'about me' is lame she won't bother contacting you back. Want a good example of this? I recently got into online, joined 3 online sites with a short lame aboutme saying im down to earth, relaxed and all that stuff thats actually true!

Your examples are not going to help a guy get laid because chatting requires inner game and giving off your personality through text. I respect you dude because you've been on this forum longer than me and for sure have more experience, in saying that you could have definitely created a better post in helping guys out. Wed Jan 18, 2: I disagree with you about the power struggle and show all your cards though, if you read my post, I talked about how to avoid all that.

And the AO works wonder for me, with my i-dont-give-a-shit fun crazy vibe, that AO just blurs out naturally and does break away from my Asian stereotype. And chatting is my strong suit, that's why I always go for it. I did mention I won't cover the about me section because there are lot of topics about that already.

And you're right, these stuffs are tailor-made to my personality, it only serves as a guideline for those who want to try something new aside from what not working for them so far. Not true, since I changed my aboutme I am getting constant contacts from fat chicks, some are average. I'm a 7 at best. I don't see where you wrote that except for make the first message FUN. The power struggle happens before she has 'entered the game'.

If she hasn't entered the game yet then your showing cards too early and she wins because she no longer has any interest this is just an analogy.

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As for the Profile threads I couldn't find any, just thought if you made one of those threads it would be more useful. Wed Jan 18, 5: I don't really disagree that much with most of what you said taohackne, but the part I disagree with the most is the closing.

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Guess what leaving them your number is giving them power, saying otherwise is being naive or trying to turn a blind eye to it. Also leaving your number may tell her that you are desperate so saying it can be a DHV isn't really the case. Asking for her number or more I should say demand her number, ie "give me your number", is going to work more in your favor power wise and not make you look desperate. You may see this as begging, I don't, but either way at this point you are playing the waiting game.

And you are just going to game the next girl anyway until either one of those two things happens and even then you most probably going to game more girls.

Thu Jan 19, 9: Believe it or not this gives me some pretty good insight on where I stand in terms of being an Asian male. Thu Jan 19, First of all, thanks for sharing, taohackne. And am not racist, but I only go for White, Latino girls However it's hard for me to get a date, only got one date so far. Guess my texting game sucks, really got nothing to talk about. My question is, do you only text?

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Cause I have a few phone conversation with girls before, didn't go well, so I decided to just stick with the texting game, so I have time to think how to response. And also what is the best way or how to get a date. Any advices would be much appreciated.

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Thu Jan 19, 4: I prefer that rather than waiting for her to decide whether she wants to give you her number or not. Fri Jan 20, 7: Sat Jan 21, 9: So I was chatting with this girl for a short minute She lives around the same area as I do, and there is a small amusement park right around the corner. So I ask if she enjoys the rides.. She says yeah, she likes them alot I ask if she ever played the roller coaster game She said "no, I dont think so.. So I start with the roller coaster thing you mentioned.. Have you ever played the roller coaster game?

Well its simple and you can even use your imagination! What, did the part about using your imagination confuse you? So far she hasn't replied I also noticed she is sending messages from the application Sun Jan 22, 5: Enter your email address below and get access to 10 videos instantly: Can we be honest? We want your email address. Let me send you the best seduction techniques ever devised Previous topic Next topic. That is pretty much everything I will add more if I discover anything else Hope this will help you guys in some ways.

It works better for me than the shortcut to bang sluts way, because I can still run my normal game without being singled out by girls that aren't looking for sex. Fun fact, so you can get an idea of how much shits I used to get for being Asian. This girl who I went on date with basically was on top of me in the car, giving me a handjob and told me "Damn it, I shouldn't have listened to my friend, I should have worn a skirt!

She replied "She said don't even bother, Asian guys have tiny cocks! It might be true to your case, but again things like that are less likely to happen to me because I'm Asian, my chance to show up on their radar is very slim, especially on those site with filter search. So in a funny way, trying too hard to get a reply is actually counter-productive in the long run. What word do you think they would pick? I always gave the same reply and it got boring so I told them they cant ask me the same question and I'm sure they are creative enough to think of their own.

At dude Do you pitch the date on site or do you move them along to facebook or a phone number for texting? I find that asking to hang out on facebook has a higher success rate then asking on the dating site. Originally posted by AlphaVirgin View Post. My second message is pretty standard what do you do for work and play?


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There's no hook involved, but they'll most always reply. Just make sure, if you aren't already doing this, to first add a tie-in to what she previously said, cause otherwise it'll sound like you're just ignoring what she says and throwing questions at her. Recently switched my 2nd to a quick, usually playful response to what she gave me back from my opener, followed by a qualifying question.

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Then again, I think my opener is direct enough to weed out anyone who wouldn't actually hang, so I just have to not fuck up after they respond. Originally posted by lifebytheballs View Post. I'll try it out, if I can find the right wording. You must be thinking of a more obvious form of qualifying.

pua online dating second message Pua online dating second message
pua online dating second message Pua online dating second message
pua online dating second message Pua online dating second message
pua online dating second message Pua online dating second message
pua online dating second message Pua online dating second message
pua online dating second message Pua online dating second message
pua online dating second message Pua online dating second message
pua online dating second message Pua online dating second message
Pua online dating second message

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